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Text Cleaner
May 24th, 2012 - Production

This Text Cleaner utility can prepare text content for Web display by cleaning up things that are likely problematic and/or by adding enhancements.

Usage Instructions:

Place text to be cleaned up into the Input Text field.
Click the “Clean Up” button (if necessary).
Review and retrieve cleaned up text in the Output Text field.
Finesse the clean-up result using options below the Output Text field.

Automatic Corrections:

The following corrections are automatically made to text placed into the Input Text field.

Quotation mark and apostrophe styles are simplified and harmonized.
Em dashes replace en dashes, horizontal bars, and hyphen pairs.
Ellipsis symbols are expanded to three periods.
Extraneous whitespace is consolidated and/or removed.
Standard URI encoding is reversed/decoded.
HTML tag and attribute names are set to lowercase.
Character entity styles are converted to hexadecimal numeric.